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Exporting Cider

A lot of resources exist to help with companies who wish to export goods. In fact, in some cases, export agencies have been successful in injecting money directly or giving credits to companies who want to export outside of Oregon. I am happy to make introductions to these people. The export market, at large, is a huge push and growth opportunity for Portland and Oregon at large. Banks work directly with these groups to help businesses take advantage of what's out there.

Export Assistance

In Oregon, Business Oregon has myriad of things to help us export outside of the USA. More information here: http://www.oregon4biz.com/Global-Connections/

In Washington, WUSATA is a great resource. click on the "about us" and/or the "services" tab. https://www.wusata.org

Export assistance program in Portland Oregon. http://www.oregon4biz.com/Global-Connections/Export-Promotion/

Information & Articles

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