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Local Municipalities

Cities, counties, and other local districts may have requirements regarding proper zoning, permitting for build-outs, business licenses, etc. You should check with local governments early on in your planning to learn what these requirements are and what resources may be available to help you obtain any necessary approvals or permits.

Starting the Business

Entity formation: You will likely want to consult with an attorney and/or licensed accountant about what type of entity makes the most sense for your business goals.

Naming your business: You can check the availability of a name at www.filinginoregon.com.

Registering with the Secretary of State: Even if you are operating as a sole proprietor and do not intend to set up a corporation, you will need to register your business name with the Secretary of State unless you are doing business under a name which includes your first name, middle initial or name, and last name. Registration can be done online at www.filinginoregon.com.

Other steps: The Secretary of State has a useful guide, “How to Start a Business In Oregon” which covers many of the steps new business owners need to take to get their affairs in order prior to beginning any OLCC licensing process. It can be found here: http://sos.oregon.gov/business/Documents/business-guides/start-business-guide.pdf

Cider Compliance Basics


TTB Permitting

State Licensing Applications & Process






TTB Reporting

OLCC Reporting

WSLCB Reporting

WSLCB Reporting