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Cider Associations

North America

Northwest Cider Association (USA)
Website: http://www.nwcider.com
The primary purpose of the Northwest Cider Association (NWCA) is to promote awareness of Northwest Artisan produced ciders among the general public and foster cooperation within the industry for the mutual benefits of all producers.

Great Lakes Cider and Perry Association (USA)
Website: http://www.greatlakescider.com/
The Great Lakes Cider & Perry Association (GLCPA) is a nonprofit organization formed to showcase and promote fermented apple and pear beverages and to help educate consumers and producers about them.

United States Association of Cider Makers (USA)
Website: http://ciderassociation.org/
The USACM is an organization of cider and perry producers in the United States. It gathers and shares information about cider production, cider regulations, and cider apple growing to help members improve their operations, raise awareness, and advance cider in the market.

PA Cider Guild (USA)
Website: http://paciderguild.org/
The PA Cider Guild (PACG) is a trade organization formed in 2014 to bring together cidermakers, cideries, cider enthusiasts and associated businesses to have a united voice in the state of Pennsylvania. The guild’s mission is a simple one… to protect, promote, represent and educate its members and consumers.

Rocky Mountain Cider Association (USA)
Website: http://www.rmcider.org/
The Rocky Mountain Cider Association (RMCA) is an organization of commercial producers of (hard) cider and perry in the Rocky Mountain region: Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. Our goals are to promote the understanding and appreciation of quality cider in our region, to help producers and suppliers find one another and work together for common goals, and coordinate events to develop the craft cider industry in our region.

Vermont Ice Cider Association (USA)
Website: http://www.vermonticecider.com/
The Vermont Ice Cider Association is a group of dedicated artisanal producers committed to making Ice Cider in the tradition established by our Quebecois neighbors just to our North. We share with them a frosty winter climate, a centuries-long heritage of apple culture, and a passion for quality.

Michigan Cider Association (USA)
Website: http://www.michiganciders.com As the Michigan cider industry continues to grow at an exciting yet rapid pace, we felt the time was right to establish an organization that supports education, research, and promotion of our emerging industry. In December 2014, the Michigan Cider Association (MCA) was formed by a core group of Michigan cider makers through a state-recognized 501(c)6 program. Although the MCA is a new organization, its intention is to provide short- and long-term significance and value to all members through the promotion and support of Michigan cider. We hope that you will see the importance of this organization and consider joining the MCA.


Sidra de Asturias
Website: http://www.sidradeasturias.es/
The Designation of Origin Regulatory Board is the official body established to certify that a cider qualifies as Designation of Origin "Cider of Asturias". At the present time 25 ciderhouses, 267 growers and 587 hectares are registered and audited, with plantations of Asturian Apple Varieties belonging to the 22 varieties listed in the Designation of Origin Regulations.

Cider Australia
Website: http://cideraustralia.org.au/
Cider Australia is the national association of Cider and Perry growers and producers. The primary aim of Cider Australia is to develop and promote the Cider and Perry industries in Australia. As a united body, Cider Australia provides a centralised point of contact for its members and, as an association, can educate the Australian public about Cider and Perry production and their responsible consumption.

South West of England Cidermakers’ Association
Website: http://www.sweca.org.uk/
South West of England Cidermakers’ Association (SWECA) is a group dedicated to supporting the needs of professional cider makers and apple growers in the South West region. Established in its current form in 1984, but with a much longer history in previous incarnations, SWECA has around 50 members and meets two or three times a year to discuss issues surrounding cider making.

The Three Counties Cider and Perry Association
Website: http://www.thethreecountiesciderandperryassociation.co.uk/
The Three Counties Cider and Perry Association is the organisation which represents, supports and promotes the interests of craft scale cider and perry producers, primarily based in the Three Counties region of the UK (Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire). This region has a rich heritage of cider & perry making, and has more orchards than anywhere else in the UK. We provide a friendly and educational platform for new or existing cider makers to learn more about technical, commercial and legislational aspects of the cider industry.